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Fundamental Training

Foundation, Adult, Impluse Control, Basic Obedience


At the Gold level, your dog achieves mastery of all fundamental commands. Off-leash training in a controlled environment is introduced, emphasizing advanced trick training and agility exercises. This level ensures your dog's ability to exhibit excellent behavior in real-life scenarios, making them a confident and obedient companion.




4 Week

What will be covered

  • Mastery of all fundamental obedience commands

  • Off-leash training in a controlled environment

  • Advanced trick training and agility exercises

  • Further socialization with people and other dogs

  • Focus on reinforcing good behaviour in real-life scenarios

For those looking to elevate their dog's training to a higher level, our Silver training is the perfect choice. If your dog exhibits behaviors that require more advanced training, such as pulling on the leash, struggling with distractions, or basic impulse control issues, the Silver level is tailored for you. Your dog will learn advanced commands like Down, Leave it, and Drop it, and we will focus on refining leash walking in various environments. Introduction to basic tricks and agility exercises ensures a well-rounded training experience.

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