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Puppy Training

Foundation, Impluse Control, Puppy, Basic Obedience


Building on the Bronze level, our Silver training further refines your puppy's skills. Continued basic obedience training is coupled with advanced socialization in various environments. Basic problem-solving skills are introduced, and intermediate crate training ensures your puppy's comfort and security.




2 Week

What will be covered

  • Continued basic obedience training

  • Advanced socialization with various environments and stimuli

  • Basic problem-solving skills development

  • Intermediate crate training

Owners seeking a more comprehensive approach to their puppy's development should consider our Silver level. If your puppy is exhibiting behaviors like increased energy, mild disobedience, or needs additional socialization exposure, the Silver level is a great fit. This level builds on basic commands, introduces problem-solving skills, and advances socialization in various environments. It's suitable for those looking to enhance their puppy's training experience.

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