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Reactive/ Aggressive Dog Training

Impluse Control, Reactive, Aggression, Basic Obedience


At the Gold level, our comprehensive behaviour modification program addresses specific aggression issues. Dogs undergo off-leash control in a controlled environment, with a focus on managing and redirecting aggressive behaviour. Gradual exposure to triggers, along with advanced techniques, ensures a well-rounded approach to transforming reactive or aggressive behaviour.


£980 per week


6 Week

What will be covered

  • Comprehensive behaviour modification addressing specific aggression issues

  • Off-leash control in a controlled environment

  • Gradual exposure to triggers with supervision

  • Advanced techniques for managing and redirecting aggressive behaviour

The Gold level is our most comprehensive reactive/aggressive dog training program, suitable for owners dealing with severe aggression issues or complex behavior challenges. If your dog poses a risk to others or struggles with intense reactivity, the Gold level provides an intensive and tailored solution. Our trainers focus on a comprehensive behavior modification plan, off-leash control in controlled environments, gradual exposure to triggers, and advanced techniques for managing and redirecting aggressive behavior. This level is for owners committed to a thorough and transformative approach to their dog's behavior.

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