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Introducing our HTK9S Handmade Slip Lead, a must-have for any dog owner looking for better control and an effective way to stop a pulling dog.

  • Our slip lead is handcrafted with durable materials to ensure its longevity and strength, making it the perfect tool for both training and daily walks.
  • The slip lead design allows for quick and easy on/off, making it convenient for all dog owners. Our slip leads are fitted with toggles that keep the leash from sliding down your dogs neck.
  •  Its efficient design also provides a gentler and more effective way to correct your dog's behavior without causing harm.
  • Say goodbye to pulling and hello to a more enjoyable walking experience with our HTK9S Handmade Slip Lead.

HTK9S Handmade Slip Lead


    Customise for extra cost. Contact to customise

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