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At Hightail K9s, we are passionate about training pets and helping them become well-behaved companions. Our experience and trainers are dedicated to providing the best training techniques tailored to your pet's specific needs and challenges. Whether you prefer training in the comfort of your own home or at our facilities, we are here to help you and your pet succeed.

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Group Training

Join our group training sessions and receive personalized care from our expert trainers. Our group training sessions will guide you in building your skills and working with your pet to achieve your goals. With our support and expertise, you'll see progress in no time.

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Basic Obedience & Manners Training

Enhance your pet's obedience and manners through our comprehensive training sessions. Our expert trainers will lead you in strengthening your skills and confidence, ensuring a positive change in your pet's behavior from the very beginning. Our proven training methods guarantee results.

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Private Training

Experience the benefits of one-on-one private training sessions with our dedicated trainers. Located in Wembley, North London, we provide personalized attention and cover exactly what you and your pet need. Our holistic approach focuses on creating balanced and well-mannered companions, both mentally and physically.


Our private sessions for dog training are known for their effectiveness and positive results. We offer sessions that cater to your specific dog's needs. We travel all around London on specific days to provide our services wherever you may be. If you’re not available on the days we’re in your area, don't worry - we can book less busy days when we can travel to you or you can travel to us.

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Our Services

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