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Fundamental Training

Foundation, Adult, Impluse Control, Basic Obedience


Building on the Bronze level, our Silver training enhances your dog's skills with advanced commands such as Down, Leave it, and Drop it. We extend leash walking into various environments and introduce basic tricks and agility exercises. This level focuses on reinforcing good behavior and building a well-rounded canine companion.




2 Week

What will be covered

  • Advanced obedience commands (Down, Leave it, Drop it)

  • Extended leash walking in various environments

  • Continued crate training with increased duration

  • Introduction to basic tricks and agility exercises

The Gold level is the pinnacle of our fundamental training, designed for dog owners who seek excellence in obedience and behavior. If you're dealing with more complex challenges such as inconsistent behavior in real-life scenarios, the Gold level is the solution. Your dog will achieve mastery of all fundamental commands, experience off-leash training in controlled environments, and engage in advanced trick training and agility exercises. This level is suitable for those who desire a highly obedient and well-behaved companion.

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